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Recyclopedia: Plastic Shopping Bags

Plastic Shopping Bags

Try reusing them whenever possible. Reuseable totes are great for shopping.    Do not bundle newspapers, wrap, tape or use plastic bags to put your recyclables in.  Plastic bags can become wrapped around the sorting equipment causing down time for repairs.  Put recyclables loose in your recycling cart.

Nearly 100 billion plastic bags are handed out yearly nationwide at grocery stores.  Trex, the leading manufacturer of composite decking materials has joined with Penn Jersey Paper and Goodwill Industries to launch the Bag Smart program to help consumers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey recycle and reuse plastic bags.  Through this program, consumers can recycle used grocery bags, dry cleaning bags as well as newspaper bags at your local grocery stores.  The bags are collected regularly and taken to Goodwill facilities where they are sorted, baled and shipped to Trex to be made into composite decking material.  Approximately 140,000 grocery bags are used to create an average 500-square foot Trex deck.  For more information on the Trex's recycling programs go to http://www.trex.com