Beaufort County, SC
Recyclopedia: Computer and Computer Parts

Computer and Computer Parts

Effective July 1, 2011 it is Illegal to knowingly dispose of these materials in any SC landfill. Therefore these materials must be recycled.

Try listing your electronic items on The Beaufort County Materials Exchange. You never know who may be willing to reuse or repair them.

Consider donating your usable electronic items to a local thrift�shop or charity, neighbor, or friend.

If your�electronic�items are�unable to be used please bring to one of the Beaufort County Electronics Collection Events.

You may�also contact Best Buy, Staples, and�Goodwill for their take back programs. We encourage you to check with these local retailers before taking materials to locations.

If you would like futher information on recycling your old computers�or the SC State law please�call (843) 255-2736.��